8 Ridiculous Blogger Mistakes I did on 2012

We all have been there. Creating a blog, installing WordPress and going crazy with Google Analytics, and because we have much to do and so much to learn, we sometimes commit awful and ridiculous blogger mistakes.

2011 was the year I started as a “Blogger“. I had created some other websites before, but this was my first solo and the first time I was using a blog structure on my website.

I did some good things.

And I did some other awful things, mostly because I wasn’t as engaged as I am now, and because I was on the basic learning curve But the good news is that I’m doing much better now and Stream SEO is increasing its traffic on a weekly basis.

2013 looks wonderful for my blog and I already did my plans and setup some monthly goals, but it’s always good to look backwards to know what we did wrong so we don’t repeat our mistakes again.

After all, that’s why we study history, isn’t it?

I like to write this kind of posts because I can see what I did wrong and commit in front of an audience. It’s not only myself who I’d be failing next year, but also to all of my readers. And you wouldn’t like it, right?

1. I didn’t write content in months!

Stream SEO was created back on January 2012, and while the first  month was all about design, coding and planning, it was until February that I published my first posts. But I really did not do that much after that. I added a pair of posts on march and April, and then one more on May. So, that’s a total of 5-6 posts in 4 months!

Oh, and it doesn’t end there.

Somehow, I was trapped on my laziness and instead of writing posts at least every week, I didn’t write anything else until August.

So, 3 months  more, wasted…

It wasn’t until google ranked my website with PR 1 that I started working again.

Writer’s block?

I don’t think so. In fact I had so many articles to write and I was overwhelmed by the quantity of plans and the hard reality of me doing anything. Nowadays, I still have a plan, but I try to follow it on a weekly schedule and avoid getting overwhelmed at all.

2. No Guest Posts

blogger mistakes

Mistakes can kill your blog in weeks or days!

Because the first half of the year I had close to no content, I didn’t want to promote my blog writing guest posts. I felt like I was going to promote something that didn’t worth it, and I was correct.

If instead of being lazy for 3 months I’d have written many great articles, I could have focused on guest posts the second half of the year. I, however, managed to land a Guest Post at famous bloggers on November 2012.

And you know what?

I hate myself.

That unique post has been shared almost 200 times via different social networks and has 30 comments already. People thanked me because of my great story, and I’ve received many emails and comments here at Stream SEO from people that came after reading my guest post.

It even helped me gain some great blogger friends and new connections, along with Twitter followers. Guest posting is great, not only because it helps you show who you really are in front of an audience, but also for SEO purposes. I could have done at least 5 guest posts in 2012 but I didn’t. Note to  myself: Submit great Guest Posts on 2013. At least once per month.

3. Set impossible targets

In March 2012, I started a blog challenge. I wanted to write 30 posts in 30 days.

Guess what? I wrote 1 post. Awful!

It wasn’t an impossible task, but it was out of my reach. And the more difficult you see your goals, the more probabilities to fail you’ll have.

Perhaps if I had stablished a 10 posts target I would have reached it. Who knows?

Never forget to set reachable and measurable targets or you might fail as well. Measurement is really important because otherwise you won’t know how you’re doing until time’s over. And don’t forget to divide your general goal into small targets you can reach. Want to do 8 posts a month? Then divide it into weeks (2 per week).

4. Didn’t publish my articles on Social Media

One of the first things I did on 2012 was to setup my Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account so people could follow me. I even created a Google+ account, but I failed to publish my articles there. It was an easy task, but since I had no followers, I didn’t think it was important.


I should have done it and I would have more followers nowadays. My twitter account started growing when I started publishing content. Facebook and Google+ had less luck, but I’m publishing everything there now. Even my Pinterest account is doing better than Facebook! (follow me at the top of this page).

5. I studied more than I should

Most of the time as a blogger on 2012 was dedicated into studying different things: SEO, Content, Social media, engagement, Page Rank, Passive income, etc.

Who would say studying too much can be a harmful thing?

I spent most of my time reading blogs and following people, instead of working and creating great content. It’s true that everything helped me reach my current traffic and I definitely feel more comfortable now, but I should have balanced it better. Maybe 50-50%, or 60-40%, but I guess I did something more like 80-20%, where 20% was the amount of time I was writing and 80% of the time I was reading different blogs.

Most bloggers do this on a daily basis and don’t notice until it’s to late. We’ve been raised to think studying and reading are both great things to do. You can never have enough, but it turns out you can. Stop reading and get back to work!

6. Watch statistics like crazy

With all kind of technology at my hands, I was always watching site’s traffic and statistics.

Did someone clicked one of my articles? Great!

Someone clicked one of my affiliate links? wohoo

However, watching statistics kept me doing everything but writing. I’ve got to admit that i still have this problem nowadays, but I know how to control it. Instead of going into Google Analytics, Jetpack or Webmaster tools a hundred times per day, I only visit them 5 times or so. My target is to visit them 2 times per day, and no more.

Watching statistics isn’t going to help me get more traffic. Writing content will.

7. I had a secondary blog

At the same time I launched Stream SEO, I also launched another blog. It was supposed to be something about efficiency and life, but I barely had time for Stream SEO, so of course, that blog was a failure. I even offered someone a payment for her posts, but it didn’t work either.

After 1 year, I managed to publish 4 posts there. Compared to SS (Stream SEO) where at the end of the year I published more than 30 posts (even though most of them were published after August), that’s close to nothing. And the worst thing is that I have no idea on how to monetize it.

Instead of spreading your focus into multiple projects, focus on one and stick to it. Once you’ve reached a decent level where it becomes sustainable, you can think about a secondary project. That’s why I can finally launch my niche site challenge, work on it and at the same time post great content here. I can’t imagine myself doing that 6 months ago.

8. Try too many affiliate products/services

As promised before, I’d never recommend an affiliate product if I haven’t tested it before. In the blogosphere there are a lot of great (and awful scams) products to share with, but you need to select the best ones for your audience. Because I love testing products, I can usually recommend a lot of them,  but sometimes it’s enough to set a limit. Some of my best affiliates have been Market Samurai, Bluehost and Elegant Themes.

Others didn’t convert that well (yet), but now I know it and I can focus on them. This doesn’t means that I won’t be testing new products, but at least, I will keep my distance and I’ll try to avoid spreading too much. You know, it’s good to create multiple passive income streams and not to put all your eggs in one basket, but don’t exaggerate.

Your turn

What kind of blogger mistakes did you do as a blogger on 2012?

Are you too embarrassed to share them or do you expect to fight and get over it on 2013?

If you selected the second, you’re welcomed to share things with me and the rest. It also works as a way to make better commitments in front of an audience.

Remember: we all have been there, and we need to keep moving. The worst thing you can do is to keep your bad habits as a secret and them having them haunting you back at the end of 2013. Otherwise you’ll fail after a few months.

Get rid of them now!

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  1. Darko says


    Mistakes, hm.. I’m still doing moust of these mistakes you mentioned. I cant keep my focus. I have tons of ideas and they all burn out in the end cause I cant focus on any of them the right way…

    I think that is my biggest mistake. I cant prioritize…

  2. Jake says

    Great post Servando, as always :) Thank you!
    Besides doing mistakes №2, 3, 5, and 6, I have also done a few major ones:

    1. Quality > Quantity
    I could write 5-6 posts per day for my archive, but almost all of them were a waste. I did not think about my readers and how I will benefit them before I wrote a post, and ended up having a huge archive of rather useless information.

    2. I did not spend enough time editing articles
    Even though it can be related to my previous mistake, it is different. I did not pay much attention to grammar, pictures, writing style and emotional message of my post. As a result- 40+ hours spent on editing my old articles, instead of writing new ones or promoting my blog.

    So, that is what my lack of experience caused :)

  3. Saqib Rauf says

    nice post!
    I feel myself to waste a lot of time in designing my website. I am a newbie in seo world. Is content is enough to rank websites in serp? Or i should learn seo tactics all the time.

  4. Derek Simeone says

    Hey Servando,

    When reading your post, I was thinking to myself, “I will never do anything of these things” right up until I got to item #5 and I froze; you’re so right, you can easily become an expert on the issues but, without content, it matters not. Additionally, I think item #6 was a good call out because I love pouring over the statistics and seeing how things are progressing but, again, if it’s distracting you from creating content then it’s hurting you. So, yeah, this post was oddly inspirational and serves as a good reminder to keep focused.

    Thanks for sharing, sir.

    • says

      Hello Derek. I know how it feels. Study and read everyday believing everything is OK, until you notice that yo’re never going to take action if you just keep studying. It’s like going to school forever without actually getting a job.
      And yeah, statistics used to drive me crazy but not anymore, finally…

      I’m glad you liked it buddy.

  5. says

    I have to admit, I have been reading a lot. Probably ninety percent of my time is spent reading other blogs. I have been slacking on writing. I am going to change that right now!

    • says

      I’ve found reading is one of the most common mistakes. Most people think reading is great, but everything in excess can be bad. And it leads us not to take actions for long time. It’s the most common and more difficult mistake to notice because it doesn’t seem to be bad at all.

    • says

      Time is something we all struggle to achieve. Just keep practicing and get better. Or you can always try to be ahead of your time (e.g. If you wanted to post something on Tuesday, do it on Monday or before). You’ll fell better like that and avoid being near the deadline every time.

  6. says

    I did many of the same things you did.
    I also started my blog in January of 2012, I published about 8 posts of content in that first week then I did very little until April. Even then I was barely publishing content, it wasn’t until the last few months that I’ve been creating content on a consistent basis. I am kicking myself for not staying on top of it!
    I’m also guilty of checking statistics wayyyyyy too much, it’s really counter productive and I wish I could stop. I’ve made it one of my goals this year to check less and work more.

    Good luck in 2013! Here’s to a great year!

    • says

      Hello Craig,
      I know! Statistics used to drive me crazy, and even more because there was no traffic. No I only check statistics a few times per day, and traffic is much better.

      BTW, I love to make trips to different countries so I’m very excited about your blog. Is that a modified version of Copyblogger’s theme or am I wrong?

  7. Iteire Apollos says

    I am so happy you where able to learn from your mistakes. I did a mistake similar to yours, my blog crashed several times and i also did not make a single post for a whole month. But after learning from experts, i latter understood the importance of updating my your blog on a regular base. I did make a resolution to post on a daily basis and i am following the plan closely.

  8. Inside my Rocket says

    Last year I spend way too many hours reading other peoples blogs.

    This year I’ll cut down on the reading and start writing for my own blog and promoting it.

  9. says

    Hi Servando, My biggest blogging mistake in 2012 was not allowing guest posting on my blog. But I have now rectified that mistake, 2 of my other mistakes was not writing enough new content on my own blog, and not doing any guest posting on other blogs.

    • says

      Hello Paul. I guess not writing enough is always one of the most common mistakes. Guest posts helps us get more content published even if sometimes we “don’t have the time” for it.

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