How many Backlinks do I need to rank on the first page of Google?

How many Backlinks do I need to rank on the first page of Google?

Update: You can now read the second part of my backlink experiment after 6 months. What works for Google and what doesn’t?

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How many times have you asked yourself this question? Maybe 10, 50 or more than 100 times?

Well, I have good news for you. You don’t need thousands or even hundreds of backlinks.

It turns out you don’t need that much, and that’s good because Google has changed its algorithm from quantity, to quantity and quality. But quality is more important now.

In fact, you can make it to the first page of Google with just a few backlinks and I bet you can count them with the fingers from your hands and feet. Do you want me to prove it?

Let’s make an experiment!

After one year of creating Stream SEO, I’ve built around 4,100 backlinks (verified with Majestic SEO) and I have a few articles positioned in the first page of Google already. Some of them are even on the first 3 results shown, and those are bringing me a good chunk of traffic now.

But guess what?

I haven’t build a lot of backlinks to those articles. Some of them have 2-3 backlinks. The best ones have 10-15 backlinks only. And I’m not the only one saying this. There’s a recent article at SEOMOZ explaining how a guy achieved this with 13 backlinks. All of them with different anchor text.

So, let’s make an experiment again. I’ll try to rank one of my recent articles on the first page of Google and see how it works. I might need some help from you here, but I’ll do my best on my own and show you all the results.

I’m choosing a pair of articles I wrote back on December, to make sure they’re well indexed right now. Those are my Squarespace 6 Review and my Squarespace vs WordPress article.

Have a look at the keyword research analysis at Market Samurai. I’m using phrase match type and here’s the number of visitors I could receive on a monthly basis while being at the first result on Google search results.

how many backlinks do you need traffic

So basically, that is 546 visits per month on the Squarespace Review keyword, and 302 visits if I rank first on the Squarespace vs WordPress keyword.

Right now, I’m already ranking with both of them on the first 100 results, but not on the first 10 results (first page). Here are my rank tracker results so I can be totally transparent with you:

how many backlinks do you need rank search engines

The first column shows Google’s search engine rankings and then comes Bing and Yahoo. It usually takes a lot more to rank on Bing and Yahoo (a few months) while it takes me a pair of weeks to get into the first 100 results on Google.

So right now I’m in number 18 and 21, and as you can see, I’ve moved up and down on both keywords recently (red means going down and green means going up!).

Now this test wouldn’t be interesting it the keywords were super easy to beat, or extremely difficult. Both keywords have some competitors. Some of them easy to beat and some of them not that much. Here’s how it looks.

Squarespace Review:

how many backlinks do you need competition analysis

As you can see, there are a lof of reviews out there, and one of them comes from a Youtube video. Also, results #7 and 8 are directly from the squarespace official page, but those are from one of their apps, not directly form their web hosting service.

Squarespace vs WordPress:

how many backlinks do you need competition

Now this one looks more interesting. The results look easier to beat, but there’s a powerful result coming from the Forbes magazine website. Aside from that, the first result comes from a page with exact match domain (who said Google’s EMD update took all of them away?) and result #9 comes from Squarespace forum.

My plan – How many backlinks do I need?

I’m going to start testing this week, from February 10 (2013). I’ll try to build no more than 1-3 backlinks per week (quality backlinks, no SPAM or spun content) and then track everything back with Market Samurai’s rank tracker as I’ve shown you before.

Then I’ll quickly update this article every week and let you know the results. I want you to notice everything in the process, so I’m including the pages where I’m getting the backlinks and even the anchor text.

And about anchor text, I’ll be very careful and use different anchor text every time, or at least keep my main keyword no higher than 25% of the backlinks created.

I’ll try different keywords like:

  • Squarespace Review
  • Squarespace 6 Review
  • Squarespace vs WordPress
  • Squarespace vs. WordPress
  • WordPress vs Squarespace
  • WordPress alternatives
  • and know knows what else depending on the topic

Weekly log

Week 0: February 10

  • Backlinks created this week: 0
  • Position on Google (Squarespace Review): 21
  • Position on Google (Squarespace vs WordPress): 18

how many backlinks do you need rank search engines

This was the first week and the articles had 0 backlinks. However, if I remember correctly, I created a few (less than 5 backlinks) while commenting on commentluv enabled plugins. Both articles are on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google and they’ve been there for almost a month or so.

Week 1: February 17

  • Backlinks Created this week: 2
  • Position on Google (Squarespace Review): 18
  • Position on Google (Squarespace vs WordPress): 14
  • Position on Yahoo (Squarespace vs WordPress): 5

How many backlinks week 1

This week I decided to create 2 backlinks from different domains: Hubpages and Squidoo.

Those aren’t backlinks on cheap comments or articles just made for get a backlink with a low quality content. I wrote 2 different articles which I think will rank well on both sites both of them related to Squarespace.

For my Squarespace Review both backlinks have the same Anchor Text: “Review

For my Squarespace vs WordPress comparison, one of them has “Squarespace vs WordPress Analysis” as anchor text and the other one is “Squarespace vs WordPress Comparison“.

As you can see, both of them got better rankings and are know located on position 14 and 18 on the second page of google.

Additionally, I’d like to pop out that my Squarespace vs WordPress comparison appeared on the first page of Yahoo this week! How? I don’t know. But I’ve seen that many times when i have a good article ranked on Google, it will rank high on Yahoo and Bing too. If I’m on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, most probably I’m on the first page of Yahoo and/or Bing already.

Less competition, I guess…

Week 2: February 24

To be Honest this has been a pretty hectic week for me. I’ve been working until late at the office and had no time to build backlinks to my articles. As you can see, I barely posted 1 new article here at Stream SEO too. However, here are the good news:

  • Backlinks Created this week: 0
  • Position on Google (Squarespace Review): 16
  • Position on Google (Squarespace vs WordPress): 11
  • Position on Bing (Squarespace vs WordPress): 4
  • Position on Yahoo (Squarespace vs WordPress): 6

How many backlinks week 2

The new surprise here is that even when I didn’t make any extra backlinks this week, I was still able to scale 2-4 more places on Google search rankings.

That’s really good.

And also my article is now ranking on the 4st result of Bing, while Yahoo decided to drop my article 1 position only. So basically, I’m on the first page of Yahoo and Bing, and 1 position away to appear on the first page of Google too! I’m happy.

But there’s more.

See that little number at the right of the URL on the image above? It’s showing backlinks (BLP).

That means I have 2 backlinks for my Squarespace Review but 8 backlinks to my Squarespace vs WordPress comparison???

So I fired the SEO competition module and added both URLs to get the source of those backlinks and i found something interesting. All these backlinks appearing on my rank tracker are backlinks created by commenting 1 month ago or so on January/December. They finally decided to appear here and they’re giving me some juice already!

Who said good quality comments on other blogs didn’t work?

Anyway, that’s how this business works. Work now and reap the rewards later. Also, I’m curious to know what will happen when my 2 articles created from Hubpages and Squidoo are added to the algorithm. Those, and a pair of extra backlinks I’m creating the next week on 2.0 websites (each one with it’s own original article).

Stay tuned! I’m so close to appear on the first page of the 3 mayor search engines, and then I’m fighting to get into the first 3 results.

Week 3: March 3

This week I’ve been creating backlinks from comments only. No more posts until I see if they’re getting indexed or not. Even though it’s difficult to know.

Most of the comments I’ve done have a backlink to those specific pages using commentluv and my comment strategy.

  • Backlinks Created this week: 5 (comments)
  • Position on Google (Squarespace Review): 22 (dropped)
  • Position on Google (Squarespace vs WordPress): 3
  • Position on Bing (Squarespace vs WordPress): 4
  • Position on Yahoo (Squarespace vs WordPress): 5

How many backlinks week 3

As you can see, my Squarespace vs. WordPress article now ranks 3 on Google and it’s on 4 and 5 for Bing and Yahoo.

At this point, I’m getting around 20-30 visits per day on this article, which means I’m getting almost 1 thousand visitors per month. If you watch my first impressions on the number of visits I researched with Market Samurai, you’ll see that originally, I was expecting to get 300 more visitors when ranking on the first result, however I’m getting much more than that thanks to other long tail keywords which I’m not tracking yet.

In fact, just as I’m writing this update my keyword seems to be ranked on number 2! (Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker updates each Thursday.

How many backlinks week 3-2

This is why I always recommend to look for long tail keywords and expect at least Exact Match results (don’t expect broad results to appear ASAP).

How many backlinks week 3-1

My Squarespace review has dropped a few places and this looks natural to me.  I didn’t build any backlinks for this article yet because I got happy about my results. It dropped 6 places and I hope to get it back later. For now, I’ll focus on the other article as it’s giving me results already.

Week 4: March 10

I went out to Cancun (yeah!) for business reasons I really wasn’t able to work on my experiment that much. That said, I was able to create at least 3 backlinks from comments, especially targeted to the WordPress vs. Squarespace article. Here are the results for this week!

  • Backlinks Created this week: 3 (comments)
  • Position on Google (Squarespace Review): 36 / 42 (read below)
  • Position on Google (Squarespace vs WordPress): 2
  • Position on Bing (Squarespace vs WordPress): 0 (dropped out from Bing)
  • Position on Yahoo (Squarespace vs WordPress): 4

How many backlinks week 4-1

Let’s start with the Squarespace vs. WordPress article.

In short, it’s doing great. This week I’m receiving between 40-50 visits per day just for this article, which is WAY HIGHER than the original expectations from Exact Match results. This means I’m getting around 1,300 visitors per month just for this article (4 times bigger than expected) from different long tail keywords. I wonder how much traffic will I receive if I hit the number 1 spot.

Note aside, I’ve been dropped from Bing results this week. I don’t know why, but still, Bing wasn’t really giving me traffic. Google is my primary source and it’s rocking.

How many backlinks week 4-3

But if you didn’t notice, I now have 296 backlinks to this article! How is this possible if I haven’t build that much?

I fired up the SEO competition module and discovered that many backlinks are coming from a blog I don’t even know. I think I left a comment one day and since this blog is using the “Top Commenters” plugin I might have appeared on the sidebar for every page, creating so many backlinks at the time and now they’re indexed.

This is funny, because I’m not there anymore, and I wonder what will happen later when Google can’t find those backlinks anymore. Time will tell.

Here are my results for my Squarespace Review article:

How many backlinks week 4-2

Ugh, looking bad.

So bad that even my Squarespace comparison is ranking better than my review at this moment for the same keyword!

As you can notice, even though I build a few backlinks they’re not indexed yet, so I still see only 2 backlinks on my Market Samurai Tracker. I guess I’ll put more attention to this article now that other one is doing good alone.


This is where I could use some help

I’m not asking you to create backlinks or anything like that for me. But if you find this experiment interesting and would like to give me some feedback or simply want to share it with another person, please do so.

Share it, +1 it, like it, pin it or whatever.

I’d just like to make it easy and I’ll report updates every week. I want to probe I’m correct (or maybe not) and show you how I positioned some of my articles on the first page of Google.

This can be done again, and it’s all about creating quality backlinks. Forget about buying thousands of backlinks or using softwares and black-hat techniques. Those won’t help you. And if they do, it won’t last for that long. I promise. Shall we start?

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      It’s kind of difficult to explain it here, but have a look at my SEO/Marketing guide to start right away!

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    • says

      Hello Alex.
      Yes, I still use Market Samurai and it’s very effective even if it’s a little slow.
      I haven’t tried lots of good tools, but I do know that Longtail pro is good.

  59. says

    Hi Servando Silva, many thanks for your great article. Do you think paid backlinks will hurt our website? So many company offer us to buy backlinks and i think it is an easy way to get backlinks

    • says

      Paid backlinks are seen as manipulation for Google. Honestly, it all depends on if you leave a footprint or not.
      Cheap, bad quality backlinks are probably going to hurt your rank in the mid-long run. Quality backlinks are fine, but you need to check your anchor text ratio and make them natural.

          • says

            Really? See I thought backlinks were still important for SEO? There is conflicting data on this around the web though, you know?

            • says

              They are. Backlinks are still very important.
              That’s why Google doesn’t like how people get backlinks anymore. No matter if they are paid, guest posts or natural links. You can get penalized anyway.

              • says

                Hi, Servando,

                That makes sense. From what I am reading, Google is really paying a lot of attention to user experience and social mentions (i.e. someone mentioning you on Google+.

                I have found that Google+ is a HUGE way to help with getting traffic and SEO. The key is being interactive on the platform and doing so consistently.

                This is a great topic – so glad you brought all of this up!

  60. says

    hi thank you for such an informative post. i love to read posts which are based on experience. i want to ask you which tool you used to check the position of your post on different search engines. I’ll be wating for your answer

  61. Emily Jenifer says

    Hi Servando,
    don’t u think creating direct backlinks to your main URL without any tiers downward will hurt in long run?

  62. kurs says

    i searched google for ”how many backlinks needed” and came here. wow, the best article about backlink building which i ve read until now. this article is a very talented guide what is the backlinks’ role on serp, how to build backlinks to get higher rankins and more trafic etc. after i read it, i realized that you are a seo guru. best regards…

  63. says

    I enjoyed your article Servando. I too have found that I don’t need that many back links to get into profitable search engine rankings. It really is about having a good mix of quality. I had a competitor who literally had hundreds of thousands of back links and I was able to beat him with a much smaller batch of higher quality links.

    • says

      I think it’s just plain different.
      Commentluv is basically to create backlinks, and outside of the internet marketing, SEO or MMO world, nobody would be interested on having it, but I could be wrong.
      Disqus is great for most of the niches. I prefer Disqus compared to Livefyre.

  64. says

    Your experiment is promising. I am trying to achieve the exact same thing right now with my 3 month old website. I think I learned a few things from you today. I just do not want to go the volume route of building 1000s of backlinks.
    Thanks for the post

    • says

      Hello Julian.
      There are a lot of ways to get do follow backlinks including articles, hubpages/squidoo/infobarrel, contacting other blog’s owners and more. Commentluv also allows that depending on the settings chosen.

  65. Tech Bhuvan says

    Your article was really interesting and incredibly detailed. I now know how to play with creating backlinks to my blog articles. I was wondering if backlinking at all works in search engine ranking. And now I clearly know it does, but we do not need thousands of backlinks to get listed in first page of Goolge. Nice post indeed. Keep informing us with such informative ideas. Thanks a lot.
    Tech Bhuvan

  66. says

    Hi, I love your article. I’m going to try it and since I’m battling with two other guys on the SERPS I must do this. They are killing me with their 1000’s of back links in a few weeks. But, I will get them.

    I’m glad I do real reviews.

  67. says

    Thanks for this post! It’s amazing to me how many of my clients still believe in black-hat techniques and directories to get high search rankings. On-page optimization (titles, headers, etc) and quality backlinks are the way to go!

    • says

      Hello Jenny.
      Where did you check that information?

      Most sites take some time to index the backlinks. Some of them are updated every month, so please be patient and you’ll see results!

  68. says

    I like your approach. And might try it to for another project I am working on. Documenting it will also help to show proof to our clients…

    also I would like to add that we have a couple of articles that rank very well on and these were well researched articles about how to solve a technical problem. As a tip in general. If you come up with something other people might like, the share those links and repost them… we get new backlinks every week and don’t really have anything to do with that. it’s mainly just about writing good content.

    the only problem in the beginning is that if you wrote an articel you got to promote it and that often is seen as spam. but i guess it depends if you put the comment into related blogs or not.

  69. says

    Great research man, I was really fascinated you did all these research. It gave me great insight into how backlink and ranking work in relation. I was looking for how backlinks are related to help raise page rank and bang on. Your post was what I am looking for. One small question just for my help, how to use anchor text while commenting?

    • says

      I really don’t recommend using anchor text for comments. They look really spammy. Instead, you can check blogs like mine that have commentluv enabled and they allow you to drop a link to an article without looking like a spam bot.

  70. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Hii ,

    You have done a great research on backlinks. I am trying to rank on the first page for my keywords. I will try to follow your lead. Looking forward to your updates,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article. :)


    • says

      Thank you Ankur. I’m currently not updating this one anymore, but if you watch at the top of the article there’s a second article for a follow up on what works and what doesn’t after a few months. That one is updated :)

  71. Ian says

    So, i want to create some awesome backlinks, but commenting of different articles and leaving my website may not be good enough, i want legit backlinks to my site and share what i have! Please help me guys!

  72. mahmoud eladawy says

    Hello my friend,
    I do you advice, but i have a question :
    I have my blog and have a competitor who get his backlinks for un relative sites as :Skype community and Kasperky and Bitdefender in the other side i get my backlinks from relative site and relative content and his rank rise very fast but my blog slowly.

    • says

      Hello Mahmoud.
      If your competition is getting high PR backlinks like the ones you said, why don’t you copy them? I guess they’re building forum backlinks, right?
      What’s your plan for that? Prepare a plan and do it! If you already know where are they getting their backlinks from, you’ve already got the weapons. What’s stopping you?

  73. says

    I found this article interesting, a week by week experiment. I don’t have to create as many backlinks as I thought, just focus on quality 2-3 per week looks so promising.

  74. clement says

    Just started two new blogs and the info i got here will be very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing and keep the good work flying.

  75. says

    i am asking the same question , that’s why i find this blog on google , i am doing the backlinks for my own website , i’ve learned a lot from your article and thanks for walking us step by step

  76. toufan says

    wow, your experiment is great,,,,i think 1-3 high quality backlink every week is more better than many backlinks but not quality,,,,thanks for sharing

  77. tob says

    Thanks just opened a blog and all this backlink has been getting too much for me but RBIs would help me focus on quality

  78. Patrick Shea says

    Very nice read. I have learned a lot here. I will try this out myself.

    I also struggle with Back Links and trying to get on the first page of Google. Its no easy task.. But reading what was said here will help me with that goal. Thanks for the good post.

  79. says

    So, how long did it take you to build each of those back links? I am new to the promoting but not to blogging. I actually started out on Hubpages.

  80. MyBlogMyEarning says

    Quality Of Backlinks Are Much important Then Quantity of Backlinks So Everyone Should Concentrates on Quality instead of quantity.Anyways A Very Nice Post Keep It Up

    • says

      Actually, I have around 19k backlinks now (majestic SEO source) and my PR is 1.
      it’s been one since the beginning of the year when I had those 4k links, but Google hasn’t updated their PR lately.
      I guess I could achieve at least PR 3 now if they updated it. But I don’t care anymore as my Citation flow (authority score) is higher and this article has good rankings anyway.

      Google is moving more into a Social/authority signals search engine and haven’t cared about updating PR since February 2013.

  81. says

    Hi Servando

    Can you give us any insight to whether or not back-links from a quality forum are of any value or does Google only count one or two links, either from the profile or the signature?

    I think forums are more about building a brand rather than back-links ( or at least they should be) but I am concerned that many businesses might not join a forum anymore as they are worried about the sheer amount of back-links which would be generated from the use of signatures. It seems that this idea of multiple back-links from any single domain might harm a business site?

    What do you think or does Google count only so many back links and disregard the rest?

    • says

      Hello Karen.
      Backlinks are almost always valuable, and Forum backlinks (no-follow or follow) are always valuable too.
      The thing most people thing that because they have 500 posts in a forum they will get 500 backlinks instantly and get ranked, but it doesn’t work like that.

      Google measures the number of backlinks coming from the same website and even the same IP, and if they see a lot of them their value is usually decreased.
      So it’s better to have 100 backlinks from 50 different websites, than having 100 backlinks distributed in only 10 websites. And the PR also helps a lot.

  82. Elizabeth says

    This is a great case study. I constantly preach quality of content to my clients. Thanks for sharing your SEO insight – really great!

  83. Cricke says

    Nice artical You changed my mind I was that Anchor text should be with your keyword at least 80% not you have proved me wrong thanks for correction

  84. Gautam says

    New to your blog & really like what you have share. You have clear my many doubts about Back links backlinks. Thanks for sharing

  85. Pankaj Jain says

    Hello silva,
    Thanks for this article, you have cleared many doubts about backlinks. Now I know what I need to do for my article to view on first page of Google.
    Thanks again.

  86. says

    Hi Servando. I really appreciate your experiments. Now major search engine like Google gives priority to quality and same niche links. Very nice case study. Keep sharing like this with us. :)

  87. bababato says

    Good day Servando agreed with your post the links which show more relevancy,near to theme and appear natural to search engine have large life then dumb ones ….Keep updating

  88. Hormigon Impreso Sevilla says

    Hey Sevando, after your 10-30 quality backlinks, try to get 3-4 edu and 3-4 gov comments, and 50-100 facebook shares, likes, +1, pins and twitter share’s to your article, You must make him “viral” in the eys of the search engines. You’ll have your No1 place after 1-2 weeks!

    PS: my EMD’s are going perfect. I have over 100 EMD’s, and I was not penalized by mr. G!

    • says

      Hello, thanks for your recommendations. Actually, I already had around 50 interactions (likes, tweets) and right now my article is ranking number 1 again. It happened a week after I published this post or less.
      About EMDs… yeah. They’re still rocking.

  89. says

    This is a nice article. Nice and Informative work. But I expect more broad details about how many backlinks can get a high competitive keywords(12000 local Monthly searches/month) to get first page in Google. I expect an informative reply…..

    • says

      I’ll work on something like that on one of my future articles. However, even with long tail keywords receiving just a thousand search queries per month, you can make some good money.

  90. Raitis says

    Hi! This is realy helpfull expreiment.
    I have a site with financial loans collation, what have an zero pagerank. I already made some 20 quality backlinks like you described in your expreiment (one till three backlinks in week with different rext), but now is around month spended and it still zero pagerank. Any sugestions, ok I understand – just patient.. Thanks

    • says

      Hello Raitis. Yeah no problem.
      Google only updates the Page Rank every some months. It’s been 6 months already without an update. You can also use Market Samurai to check Citation Flow, which actually updates in real time.

  91. J. Michael says

    That interesting. I’m in the process of getting as many backlinks as I can. First Iread the numbers count and then I read that quality counts more. In the end maybe I’ll have it figured out. I think for now I’ll do both.

  92. Roach says

    Oh wow, very useful and taught me a lot about how to do this and such! I will be following this guide and bookmarking for more and more SEO tips. I have found SEO heaven!

  93. Clark says

    Hi servando, great information.
    Information that you have provide is quite interesting and informative.
    Additionally, give the inspiration for new blogger. i would surely be try it.

  94. Arindam Dutta says

    This is great and will be very helpful. Basically few backlink from great sites are better than hundreds backlink from lower sites. You can always gain high quality backlinks with social bookmarking or if you submit some articles to high page rank submission sites.

  95. Vijesh says

    Nice and clear explanation of how quality back links help in ranking top in Google search results.
    Thanks for the share Servando, need to learn such SEO techniques to make my blog rank top in search engines.

    • says

      Hello Vijesh. Thanks for your comment.
      I’ll write an update about this on a separate post next week. Many things have changed the last month but I had a really hectic month doing some business and preparing some stuff. Still, I think you’ll like it.

  96. says

    nice post bro. backlink is a power of post and i was taste the backlink a blog have higher pr to make lot of backlinks so i have just started to create backlink to guest posting on my niche sites oyur post is very nice so thankyou very much

  97. Mike says

    This is a fantastic experiment – the level of detail and analysis – you really break it down. I’ve shared in on blogbods so newbie bloggers take note.

    I’m amazed at how few backlinks you can get away with and still rank. Of course this is all down to quality content on your part. We’re not going to get the same results unless we focus on the quality (and quantity) of our posts.

    Fantastic stuff – thanks!

    • says

      Hello Mike.
      Thanks for sharing it. I actually have to update it because there have been some interesting changes the last 2 weeks I haven’t documented yet.
      I just need to get some time and I’ll do it.

  98. says

    if you have something new to offer google will praise you immediately without any delay …you need not an exact number of back links to get on top you just have to work on the stuff which you want to index better on search engine a little bit creative and unique thanks for a great share

    • says

      Hello Jeremy.
      I’m with you, and using Google trends is a good way to achieve that.
      However, not always can we put a totally new article in this crowded world. So you still need to make better things tan the competition.

  99. says

    I have backlinks from a website whose rank is 99.7 or something like that but on ahrefs its shows that the ahref rank of the backlink is 0.001, what exactly does that mean? could someone please explain I am new to backlinking. It was a blog comment backlin if thats any help?

  100. says

    Thanks for this.
    I liked it. I want to know some thing that Can i make comment on different articles of same blog for generating many backlinks to increase ranking. Will this trick will incease my ranking in google?

    • says

      Comments are just a part of it. You need to distribute your backlinks within different strategies. Commenting on different articles is good, but it’s better to have backlinks from different domains, not only one.

  101. Mohi Uddin says

    Sir, I am a new blogger of Bangladesh, Please tell me How many back link needs for google page rank?

    • says

      For Page Rank, the best is to get Quality backlinks from high PR sites (e.g. PR2-PR7). It’s difficult to know how many of them do you need, however, you can check that with Market Samurai in real time.

  102. says

    So much is made of back links. These really helps clear that up. It is really hard to know. I know keywords and site name propel you to high search engine result. Also it seems page rank is not as important as the other two for you to get good search results. Thanks for sharing

  103. Carl says

    I Find this very Interesting, Not only did you provide me with useful information on how to build traffic, but you also show me out to track the process which will benefit you and other websites your up against. Are they any other products out their for tracking your website?, because im really new all of this.

  104. Jennifer cunningham says

    This is a good comparative study. I was reading in another forum and the person said their articles were usually 1,000-1,700 words and the site increased to page one after just 8 months and irregular article posting. I’m beginning to think it’s a combination of quality content somewhere between 700-1,000 words and some quality backlinks. Backlinks take so much time to promote. I could use that time to write content. I’m hoping your experiment works and backlinks are not that important. I will google plus 1 this article for your comparison. Come by

    • says

      Hello Jennifer.
      Yes. Long posts also tend to rank higher with time. From 1,000 words to more than 2,000. Backlinks take time to promote, but if you find a balance between writing and promoting, you’ll end up doing better with time.

      Thank you!

  105. says

    Informative post ! Though there is no such critrea in order to determine number of backlinks for achieving top slots in search engine; still relevancy is the key of the success for ranking of keywords.

  106. Arun says

    Interesting n simple approach…Anyone can follow. Yes, it’s definitely not about buying thousands of backlinks or using softwares and black-hat techniques, anymore. Miss the good ol
    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      I don’t miss them. Because now people that work hard, will get their rankings high instead of people buying cheap links everywhere with low quality content.
      Google isn’t done yet. They still have a lot to improve before that happens.

  107. Jason Hill says

    Hello Servando, great post! I am curious however, I hear a lot of people talking about backlinks and particularly “quality” backlinks. I am fairly new to blogging and more so to SEO and backlinks. How do you determine quality backlinks? How do you go about obtaining quality backlinks? I recently came across an article that discussed backlinks and the method they talk about is creating several microblogs such as on blogger,, weebly etc. They then link those blogs to their main blog. They drive a lot of links to the microblogs which supposedly filters through to their money site. Is this a good strategy? What reccomendations can you make to someone new like me for building backlinks?

    • says

      Hello Jason.
      That’s why I started this experiment. I want to know which kind of backlinks, how many of them, and what happens when sing only quality backlinks and then generic backlinks.

      Ideally, a quality backlink would appear on another website related to your niche and have a good post that links (1-4 links maximum) to your original website.
      Those can be Guest Posts, Web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Hubpages, Ezine Articles, etc.

      But then again, it’s just an experiment, and while I could make it to the top, I could also fail or just find a wall after reaching a rank. I don’t know, and that’s the beauty of this.

      However, the good thing is that the last weeks my articles have been moving and this latest week has been the best now, even appearing at the first page of Yahoo results on one keyword.

      If this backlinking strategy works, I’ll definitely write guide for all my readers. As you can see on the SEOMOZ case study shared, they didn’t use Tier 2 backlinks. But I’ll test that too in the next 2 weeks.

  108. says

    Thanks for the post! Indeed I asked this question so many times to myself. And after appeared in the middle of nowhere… Your post makes a complete sense to me.

  109. says

    Seems Innovative Idea Servando! Though there is no such critrea in order to determine number of backlinks for acheving top slots in search engine; still relevency is the key of the success for ranking of keywords.

  110. anthony pietersen says

    Good day Servando agreed with your post the links which show more relevancy,near to theme and appear natural to search engine have large life then dumb ones ….Keep updating

    • says

      I’ll certainly do, Anthony. I’ve got a plan for my back-linking strategy that might work, and it’s low risk (for this blog, at least).

      But again, I won’t focus on quantity here, and no black hat techniques.

      • Minhaj says

        Well.. Remarkable article and useful for us and we are waiting your another useful information about SEO and please provide about info Do follow link ..
        thak you!!

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