Info cards – the future of SEO

If you are planning to promote your business online, then it is necessary to opt for effective steps that will attract more traffic towards your site. The concept of SEO has undergone many changes, since the first time it was introduced. Today the professional companies adopt various techniques to increase the visibility of the page, in the best ways.

The experts are expected to be updated with the regular news on Panda, Penguin, and others.

These changes or updates happen quite often, and thus they are expected to have complete knowledge about them. Today many of the service providers mainly concentrate on internal linking that will help them to get better results. Sometimes these changes if not implemented on your webpage, can affect the user interface of your webpage.

This will then reduce the traffic to your webpage, which is not at a good thing for your business. As per experts the change of SERP is expected to come in the form of info cards. Many experts are waiting to check how the process will happen, as they are keen on knowing the fact that how the info card, will replace the blue links.

Google Info Cards

Google’s Info cards as shown in Google Now

Details of Info Card:

It is necessary to understand the term, ‘info card.’ In short it is a small, smart, and dynamic card that is mainly used for updating the information on sports, weather condition, and others. At present, such cards are widely used in various mobile products like the Google Glass, Google+, and Google Now.

Such card provides easy and quick information to the user, especially for knowing facts about certain places, things, and people. Now that you have a fair idea about the card, you certainly will be excited to check on how Google will use these cards for updating all the important changes. Google, at present is putting in efforts to personalize the results, so that it can be of great help to the users.

In fact, Google is working on better ways to implement the new and better changes that will be helpful to you. Instead of merely giving the keyword, it will act as a reminder so that you don’t forget things. This process will help you in properly implementing the changes, so that you face no problem at all. However implementing such a task might be slightly difficult, as there are many online companies that might have different needs.

For instance, if Google has to recommend you on certain points, then they are expected to have fair knowledge about your business. They might also need access to details like your calendar, email, and other things. All these things have to be smartly worked upon, so that you can reap maximum benefits out of it.

Benefits of Such Services:

  1. Instant knowledge about the updates
  2. Know the changes that need to be done
  3. Give proper idea to the user

All these changes and updates need to be considered while internal linking and searching for the SEO tips. It is necessary to have enough space for making the required changes, without impacting your business at all. So whenever you are looking forth to hire an expert SEO ensure to check if they are updated with all these details, and can work perfectly on them.

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  1. says

    The latest update from Google- Hummingbird is creating quite a buzz too though initially it was least expected to be as impactful as Panda and Penguin! Its interesting to see Google’s constant effort to simplify meaningful search.

  2. says

    Google is always busy with search and what the results show, and it is interesting to learn about yet another way they are making our lives easier. I have also posted on some of the ways that search makes things easier to find. And this is an interesting one for business too. It will be interesting to see what else Google has to offer us in the future.

  3. Navi says

    Hey Servando,

    I am reading your blog from some time now. I am more interested in the post where you had experimented backlink strategy and your post really helping lot of people..

    I have a question for you, sorry the question is related to backlink and might be not relevant to this post,

    I am trying to build backlinks for my one of the site, I am also trying to do backlink experiment with one of my article. What I am trying is looking for my keyword in Google and then posting my article link to some other sites that appear on the first two pages of the Google search for that term. My article link right now ranking at third page for that keyword, so my question: Is this strategy to build backlink is good?

    I hope you will help me.

    • says

      Hello Navi. Sounds like this one goes for another article, but no problem.

      So the strategy you have can be only as good as the other results in the first pages are.
      And the reason why I tell you this is because you don’t want to look spammy trying to post a link in the comments to your article and being marked as SPAM. So you better offer some good insights before trying to leave a link in all the pages of your competitors.

      Also, keep in mind that some pages might have a no-follow rule on the link, and so it won’t pass any page rank juice.

      • Navi says


        Can you please explain a bit about your blow statement?

        “So the strategy you have can be only as good as the other results in the first pages are.”

        I understand that I don’t have to spam other competitors sites using just one liner text with my link, but what I am not able to understand is if this is a good strategy or not?

        Because I have many such pages for which I have to build links and I am worried/confused if I should follow this strategy to all my pages or not. :(

        By the way thanks, for your prompt answer. :)

        • says

          No problem Navi.
          I mean that the backlinks you can get are only as good as the pages that are ranking better than you. But you can always get more rankings from other sources too.
          For example, if someone just leaves a comment in my blog with a URL to their page with a similar article, I probably won’t accept it, because it looks spammy, unless he/she is a friend of mine or the article is so good that’s worth it.

  4. says

    Absolutely, using this type of card it will be very easy to find information about different and unknown place. Now day some people have been using such apps in their mobile .

    • says

      Hey Clark. You’re right. With the mobile tendency growing super fast, Google is starting to target ads in Google Maps mobile and even Google Cards. Something to consider in the near future.

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