Lasso Review: Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin?

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Lasso is a WordPress plugin that integrates with your site and helps you earn more affiliate commissions. It’s easy to install, has an intuitive interface, and brings a number of powerful features into one simple dashboard.

In this Lasso plugin review, we’ll look at the features and benefits so you can decide if it’s right for your niche website.

This is what I cover:

  1. What is Lasso?
  2. Pricing breakdown
  3. Benefits of Lasso
  4. Major features
  5. Pros and cons
  6. Verdict

Let’s get into it!

What is Lasso? (

Lasso is a WordPress plugin put on the market by It’s one of the top WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers currently available.

The plugin is designed to help you make more money by increasing the number of referral sales you make. If you want to increase your affiliate commissions so you can quit your day job or grow your business, Lasso can help move you toward your goal.

Whether you’re an Amazon Associates affiliate or you participate in other programs, Lasso’s host of features will help you on your mission to achieve marketing success. Pricing

Lasso has extremely competitive pricing, despite providing more value than most comparable WordPress plugins. There’s only one price plan, and it’s available in monthly or annual installments.

  • Monthly Price: $29 per month (after 14 day trial ends)
  • Annual Price: $289 per year (get 2 months free compared to monthly plan)

With all of the features Lasso includes, this can easily save you $50 per month or more compared to using multiple individual tools to get the same benefits.

Is Lasso Worth It?

Few products make it as easy to earn back your investment as Lasso. With the free 14 day trial, there’s no risk in trying out this powerful plugin.

If you want to increase your affiliate commissions and open more doors in your business, Lasso can help you get there. It makes the steps to getting more referral sales clear with tools that are easy to set up and implement. 

Best Ways to Use Lasso

Lasso works by letting you create customized links that give you more control over your commissions and affiliate marketing efforts. Once you install the plugin, it’ll be easy to get started and begin earning.

My favorite thing about Lasso is that it lets you create Amazon affiliate posts that automatically update with any changes to product information every 24 hours. Normally this would be a hassle, and I’d have to hire a skilled virtual assistant to take care of it. With Lasso, the whole thing happens on autopilot.

Lasso’s great conversion elements also increase your clickthrough rate to Amazon, and since you get commissions on all eligible items in the buyer’s cart, this can potentially lead to a big bump in your earnings.

Lasso Features – An Affiliate Marketer’s Tool Belt

Lasso includes a well-rounded set of powerful features that can help affiliates earn more in both the short and long term. These include the following:

A/B Optimized Product Displays

GetLasso’s special product display elements have benefited from millions of visits worth of split testing. They’re sleek, stylish, and load quickly even if you don’t have super-powered hosting.

There are three types of display element; single display, grid, and list. Each is optimized around displaying a specific number of competing products; one for single, two-three for grid, and more for list.

Affiliate Link Opportunities

The opportunities feature is one that can easily increase your commissions overnight. With this you can strategically place affiliate links in places on your site where you know they’ll drive sales, without having to manually edit each post.

You can accomplish this via a keyword search from the WordPress dashboard. For example, if you’re promoting a specific skin care product and wanted to experiment with adding more links, you could choose a keyword that appears in multiple posts and push affiliate links into them all simultaneously.


The Lasso dashboard holds all of your affiliate links (and their data) in one easy to manage place. From here you can see how each link is doing, and find new opportunities.

Amazon Integration

Lasso integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Associates program, and can auto-update product information on your posts and pages every twenty-four hours.

As an added bonus, Lasso will automatically redirect anyone who clicks on your link to the correct version of Amazon based on their geolocation. This allows Amazon affiliates to get credit for international sales they might otherwise miss.

Rebrand Links

The link cloaking feature allows you to shorten and “rename” links using redirects. This makes your links more appealing to look at and click on, and much easier to remember.

Import Links From Other Plugins

Lasso has a one-click import feature that allows you to switch seamlessly from plugins such as PrettyLinks and ThirstyAffiliates. This is a massive time saver and makes it easy to get set up with this powerful plugin.

Link Tracking and Health

Lasso’s dashboard tracks clicks on all of your links, making it easy to know where your sales are coming from. It will also notify you in the event that any of your links break, or if an Amazon product you promote goes out of stock.

Lasso Pros and Cons has put a really powerful product on the market, but like most WordPress plugins it comes with some pros and cons. First let’s quickly review the advantages of using Lasso.

Lasso Pros

  • Lasso makes it easy to manage ALL of your affiliate links (Amazon or otherwise)
  • You can add different styles of product displays to your reviews and comparison posts
  • You can easily find new opportunities for affiliate links and add them to multiple posts with a couple of clicks from your dashboard
  • You can quickly import your links from other WordPress plugins
  • GetLasso has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you pay monthly you can always get back your most recent payment, or if you pay annually you have 30 days from payment to request a refund

Those are some of the biggest advantages of working with the Lasso plugin. Now let’s examine some of the disadvantages in case they impact your decision.

Lasso Cons

  • Not everything is as systematized as it could be, meaning some things such as looking through your affiliate link opportunities can be time consuming
  • Lasso doesn’t support modifiers in affiliate link URL slugs. For example, if you wanted to make a link at, you would need to make it instead. This reduces the number of options available and forces you to plan all of your URLs ahead of time
  • GetLasso is a big investment – not necessarily a big financial investment, but an investment of your time and one you can’t easily back out of. If you add Lasso links and other features like custom displays to hundreds of posts on your site, switching to a different solution later on would take a lot of time and effort
  • Lasso is a relatively new product, so it might feel like more of a risk to invest in it when compared to more established players in the industry.

While there are definitely some downsides to choosing a plugin like Lasso, overall it’s highly suitable for most affiliate bloggers who use WordPress. It’s especially handy if you don’t have much of an eye for design, because the product displays make it easy to improve the look of your posts.


This WordPress plugin provides the tools and automation you need to increase your affiliate marketing commissions. Get Lasso if you want more control and more profit from your affiliate marketing efforts.

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